Thursday, April 28, 2005

Starbucks Coffee Caramel Macchiato: Awesome!

I cannot imagine what's life is like without a couple of Starbucks Coffee Caramel Macchiato drinks a day!!! Next to Caramel Macchiatos, I also enjoy Starbucks Coffee Doubleshot drinks! It's so good!!!

Monday, April 18, 2005

New Economy Key to Chequamegon Bay Growth

Recently, a Deaf private citizen, of Ashland County, who wrote this very interesting, educational article about high-tech, high-paying jobs, new "technology-driven" economy for 21st century in northern Wisconsin. Source cited: The Daily Press, Ashland, Wisconsin. 21st of February 2005 by S. B. Bonitz.

Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center

The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center is a four-season facility educating the unique high qualities of the Northern Great Lakes region to area residents and tourists. The Center incorporates natural, environmental education with comprehensive, innovative regional visitor information center in Ashland, Wisconsin. Come and explore at The Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center! Additionally, come see Ashland, Wisconsin soon!

Are you looking for professional Web Designer?

Take a look at Cool Design Studio's award winning and innovative website. Cool Design Studio is award winning, full service professional "web design standards" and development agency since 2001. Cool Design Studio relocated to beautiful, environment-friendly Ashland in Wisconsin in mid-2004 from Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area in Minnesota. Seek no further than Cool Design Studio. Exquisite web and interactive design. Exceptional Results! Increasing your company's return on investment.

Ashland Wisconsin online local newspaper

Take a look at The Daily Press' online local newspaper. The Daily Press is an award-winning local newspaper serving Ashland (Wisconsin) area residents in northern Wisconsin.

Northland College

Northland College is an environmental, private liberal arts college located in beautiful Bay City of Ashland on shore of Lake Superior. Northland College was established in 1892. Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute is also located at Northland College campus.

Learn more about City of Ashland, Wisconsin

Take a look at City of Ashland's offical website. Ashland was established as a city on March 25, 1887. Beautiful small city in northern Wisconsin. Come and visit Ashland soon.


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